Discovering Fractals - A Web Quest

by Joan Kessler


A new updated version of this Web Quest is now available.
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This fun Web Quest is a great introduction to Fractals. 

It can be used in any math class, grades 7 through Calculus.  It includes 10 tasks for the students to accomplish via websites and a 10 question online Scavenger hunt with links to suggested resources.  None of the resource suggestions use JavaTM, as that is sometimes unstable.  Most of the links can be found using a tablet, but a few must use a traditional computer.  There are some pages that have to be printed from the web, but I have included copies of them.

   Students are to work in small groups and put together a portfolio approximately 16 pages in length depending upon how many students are in the group.  Two forms are included, one with QR codes, and one without.

   Topics include  *Sierpinski Triangles*Koch Snowflake*Pascal's Triangle*Julia Set*Mandelbrot Set*Fractals in Nature*Zoom Videos*Fractals and the Movies*Fractals and Art and much more.


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(c) 2014 Joan S.  Kessler