No support for LM Objects Explore shifting and stretching of functions online with the Function Grapher.


First graph y = x2
Then try y = 3x2, and y = 0.05x2
Then try y = 15x2,
and y = -7x2.

See how the coefficient stretches the function.

Now try y = x2 again as a base.
Then explore y = (x - 4)2 and y = (x - 7)2 and maybe y = (x + 5)2.

This exercise explores the horizontal shift .

For the vertical shift, try y = x2, then  y = x2 +5, or y = x2 -10, or y = x2+50. Drag the graph to see where the function was plotted.

Don't forget, you can always reload the webpage to begin again.

Have fun!

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